What is Bright Sparks?
Bright Sparks is an album written, recorded and produced by the UK band, I Monster, in addition to a 2 hour documentary produced by Dave Spiers that pays tribute to eight musical instrument pioneers.

You can buy both the album and documentary in a downloadable package via the shop here.

How do I receive it once I’ve purchased?
If you buy from this website, you’ll receive the items via a series of download link within an email

NB You will need a fast and robust internet connection as the data size associated with the documentary ranges from approximately 2-4 Gigabytes.

Who are the eight pioneers the album and documentary pay tribute to?
Moog, Buchla, ARP, Chamberlin, Mellotronics, Electronic Music Studios (EMS), Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) and Freeman.

Are you affiliated with these companies?

Wherever possible we have talked to either the founding fathers of these companies, or people close to the founding fathers. Sadly though, several of these companies don’t exist anymore. But for those that do, think of the Bright Sparks documentary as an unauthorised biography of the founding fathers’ work, where, while recognising and respecting all current and historic trademarks and copyrights, we dive deeper than the ‘authorised biographies’ which are often simply a marketing tool.

In the main, Bright Sparks is not about the current work of any company, and both the Bright Sparks documentary and website were created and developed as an educational and historical resource that pays tribute to the original Bright Sparks whose dedication, work and philosophy at a moment in time still inspires musicians across the globe.

How long is the documentary?
The total running time is 2 hours and 9 minutes.

What can I view it on?
Anything that will allow the viewing of mp4 & m4v files. This includes Quicktime and iTunes on both Mac and PC.

What is the data size of the documentary?
The data size depends on which version and pixel size you download.

These are the following pixel sizes with data size shown in brackets:

854 x 480 (1.63 GB)
960 x 540 (4.03 GB)
1280 x 720 in two parts: Pt1 (3.35 GB) Pt2 (3.09GB)

The High Definition 1280 x 720 version of the film has been split into two parts to make downloading a little easier. You may start watching Pt1 as Pt2 downloads as they don’t require each other for viewing.

What is the data size of the album?
We offer the following choice of 3 formats with the data size shown in brackets:

AAC 256 kbps VBR (96.2 MB)
MP3 192 kbps (73.3 MB)
WAV 44.1kHz 16-Bit (438 MB)

How many times can I download each of the above film sizes and album formats?
After purchase you will be allowed to download each version once.

Once I’ve downloaded the film, can I show it publicly?
No. The restrictions are the same as with any other commercially produced film in that it is for personal viewing only and not for public broadcast. If you are an educational establishment or want to arrange a public viewing, please contact us directly with a request and we’ll try to help.

What about ‘sharing’ the album and/or film on the internet?
Reposting all, or any part, of the album or documentary without permission is not permitted.

Our aim is to make Bright Sparks Archive an evolving website, where we can add many more of these pioneer’s stories as and when both budget and time allow. Your support will allow this to happen, but any illegal ‘sharing’ will seriously jeopardise that mission.

What if I have a problem?
Contact us via the form found here.