Dean Honer is one half of the UK band, I Monster. He has also worked with Add N to (X), The Human League, Eccentronic Research Council and The Moonlandingz as both a producer and musician.

Jarrod Gosling is the other half of I Monster. He is also a member of the progressive rock bands Henry Fool and Regal Worm.

Herbert Deutsch is an American composer, inventor, and educator. He is currently professor emeritus of electronic music and composition at Hofstra University and co-invented the Moog Synthesiser with Bob Moog.

Michelle Moog-Koussa is both the daughter of the late Bob Moog and the Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation.

Alan Robert Pearlman is the founder of ARP musical instruments, the company behind the legendary ARP2600 synthesiser and others.

Dennis Philip Colin (1942-2015) designed the 1047 Multimode filter resonator for ARP and contributed to the ARP2600. He later designed the Aries 300 modular synthesiser. Sadly, Dennis passed away on the 21st November 2015 but the bonus footage presented here, where he talks about two significant events that shaped his life, acts as an emotional reminder and insight into the man behind the engineering.

Peter Zinovieff is the British musician and inventor behind Electronic Music Studios (EMS), a company founded in the 1960s and responsible for iconic analogue instruments including the VCS3

John Bradley built early Mellotrons with his father Leslie, and uncles Frank and Norman Bradley, at the original Mellotron factory in Streetly, Birmingham. John is now one half of Streetly Electronics, the UK company behind the M4000.

Ken Freeman is a prominent English composer and session musician, primarily playing piano and synthesisers. He is also is considered by many to be the inventor of the String Synthesiser.

Fred Gardner worked as Sales Director for Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) the company started by Chris Huggett and Adrian Wagner that developed the groundbreaking Wasp Synthesiser.

Alessandro Cortini is an Italian musician best known for touring and recording with Nine Inch Nails. Alessandro is an avid user of vintage Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments and performed with inventor Don Buchla in 2010.

Daniel Miller is a British music producer and founder of Mute Records, home of seminal electronic music artists Depeche Mode and Yazoo.

Will Gregory is best known as the lead keyboardist, producer, and composer of the electronic music duo Goldfrapp. He also heads up the Will Gregory Moog Ensemble with Portishead’s Adrian Utley.

Adrian Utley is best known as a member of Portishead. He’s also part of the Will Gregory Moog Ensemble and a vintage synth aficionado.

Billy Currie is a violist, violinist, pianist, keyboardist, and songwriter. He is best known for his work with the band Ultravox with whom he is regarded to be a seminal ARP Odyssey synthesiser user.

Chris Cross is best known as the bass guitarist in the band Ultravox, with whom he used the EMS AKS and Minimoog synthesisers.

Karl Hyde is an artist and founder member of electronic music band, Underworld, alongside Rick Smith. Rick and Karl were musical directors of the London 2012 Olympics and Karl has also recorded two albums with Brian Eno.

Rick Smith. Aside from being a founder member of Underworld, in which he used the ARP2600 to create the iconic riff in the track Rez, Rick is a self-confessed Eurorack module addict.

Dave Spiers is a synthesiser geek and is obsessed by the history associated with the pioneering companies and instruments. Dave is a co-founder of GForce Software alongside Chris Macleod.

There are a vast number of people who may not have appeared on camera but without their support this documentary would not have been possible. Whether it was providing information, images, connections or support in any way, we are most grateful to:

Mark Vail, James Bareham, Marc Doty, Andy McCreeth, Nick Batt, Mathew Farrell, Brian Kehew, Ian Legge, Ben Edwards, David Van Koevering, Bill Hemsath, Chris Britton, Luke Highet, Jon Seivert, Emilie Elizabeth, Suzanne Ciani, Ron Millar, Jason Todd, Buena Pearlman, Dina Pearlman, Jennifer Colin, Kent Spong, Will Singleton, John Cary, Don Munro, Jonny Trunk, Mike Gillespie, Jon Lupfer, Richard Chamberlin, Bridget Chamberlin-Shoup, Martin Smith, Freya Zinovieff, Robin Wood, Jeff Boult, Keith Kniveton, Chris Huggett, Ramon Spiers, Adrian Wagner, Dale Manquen, Gaetan Schurrer, Ben Burling, Alan Butchart, Dale Davis, Zac Starkey, Peter Cox, Pete Townsend, Louise Spiers, Mark Ethier, Jarrod Gosling & Dean Honer.