Dennis Colin (1942 – 2015) Significant Life Events

Dennis Philip Colin (1942-2015). After graduating from Lowell Technological Institute, Massachusetts, in 1967 Dennis joined the Raytheon Missile Systems Division, Bedford, where he designed circuits for radar systems. Two years later he left to join Tonus Inc where he designed the legendary 1047 Multimode filter resonator for the ARP 2500 and, later, after Tonus had become ARP Instruments Inc, he contributed to the ARP 2600 and other instruments within the ARP roster.

We visited Dennis at his home in November 2014 for the filming of Bright Sparks and he was a truly gracious host who enjoyed recounting stories about his contribution to the world of synthesis at ARP, and his post-ARP design of the Aries 300 Modular. He also took pride in showing us a few of his personal projects including the Hyperphase Pedal and Musichrome Color Wheel, before discussing two significant dreams that helped shape his life.

Sadly, Dennis passed away on the 21st November 2015, leaving behind two daughters, Jennifer and Melissa, as well as a significant contribution to the world of synthesis and electronics. The bonus footage presented here as an emotional reminder and insight into the man behind the engineering and whose work still inspires today.

Dennis Colin, Jennifer Colin (holding Dennis’ 1047 module), Dave Spiers & the ‘Prototype ‘ARP 2600dpcolin_message




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